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It will change the way you look at links, forever

When you think of a backlink checker, you may be used to results that are a bit like this, where a single piece of text provides a bridge from one page to another.

Majestic Link Context Breakdown

But backlinks aren't like that, they have context. They are surrounded by other items, like text, and images, and objects and frames.

When you know a link's context, you can more easily tell the difference between a good link and a bad link.

Majestic Link Context Summary Breakdown

Links also tend to be placed beside other links. Nearby links will usually point to similar services, or to competitor websites, or topically relevant influencers, or journalists.

Link in Majestic Link Context

Majestic is the Link Intelligence suite that can tell you about the habitat of almost any backlink on the internet.

Find out how much text surrounds your backlink, how many internal links and external links are nearby, how densely those links are packed into the context, whether your main link is an editorial, or directory link, how many images are close, or how many frames, or objects, follows, or noFollows. Imagine being able to click a button and see where all of those other links go to - then send that list to another tool to find out who else links to that collection of websites.

External Links in Majestic Link Context

And, you don't just find out about the context items that present themselves to you. You can slice your results any way you like. Perhaps you'd like to find backlinks that have a certain word nearby? Or backlinks that are near a link to another website of your choice? Or, maybe you're learning how to perform competitor analysis, and you'd like to see where your name appears unlinked - but near a link to your competitor.

You can do all this with Majestic, on all subscription plans, today.

Context Search in Majestic Link Context

Introducing Link Density, your new favourite metric.

When you're link building, you probably won't want your link context to be too saturated with other links (unless you're actively looking for directory links). Imagine what you could do with Link Density, a metric that gives you the power to instantly filter and find low-density editorial links, or zoom in on links that live in saturated blocks of context.

Link Density Filter in Majestic Link Context

What would you do with a page position score?

Link position is important. The best links are usually nearer the top of a page, and are in natural language.

Would you like to see where your link appears in the page source? Or be able to sort your results by distance to the top or bottom of the source code? Majestic can help you do this.

Link Position in Majestic Link Context

And Link Context has its own context. Would you like to know if the piece of context that you are looking at is typical of the rest of the page source? With the new Majestic Link Density Charts, you can see where all of the Internal and External links are on the source page.

Being able to visualise the position of your context item on the source page AND the distribution of other links on that page gives you unparalleled backlink insights at a Big Data scale.

Internal Links in Majestic Link Context

Visualised link distribution is fantastic, but what is even better is when you can see how densely those links are packed into each page segment. By adding Link Density for each slice, Link Density Charts really come alive. You can see where headers are (wide bulges at the top of the chart made by densely-packed navigation links), you can see where the page footer is (density widens at the bottom), and you can find out that your backlink is in a very narrow section, meaning that it's perfect if you're looking for an editorial link.

Link Density in Majestic Link Context

Alongside the power of industry-leading metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Topical Trust Flow, Link Context will help you to discover links in a way and at a scale that we think is unparalleled in the industry.

Majestic Link Context Summary

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